Coaching Sessions

Feeling stuck or just need a kick in the butt?

My 60 and 90-minute coaching sessions are designed to help you flesh out ideas, assist with decision making and boost your confidence.

Together we formulate a concrete action plan so you'll go away with the clarity and knowledge to make your next big move.

Whether you work a typical job, are a business owner or simply just desire to uplevel your life—expect to see big shifts in these sessions!



- 60-minute video call with Katie over Zoom

- Recording of the session

- Personalised action plan


- 90-minute video call with Katie over Zoom

- Recording of the session

- Personalised action plan

(save $5)


“Katie was amazing at getting to the tough questions and figuring out what I'm actually about. She taught me techniques for dealing with my anxiety and made me feel safe and understood. She was so versatile in the way she delivered her coaching. My anxiety now has almost completely gone.”


- Mel S.



I support my clients, wherever they are in their life journey, and we partner together to cultivate more clarity, sense of direction and fulfilment in their everyday.

We bust through limiting beliefs, map out dreams and create shifts to design a life that supports their highest vision.

Let's create a life we love from the inside out.

I believe it's by recognising and stepping into our worth that we can attract the most abundance, success and happiness—all while making an impact.

It's time to say yes to your souls calling and upgrade your life, because you deserve it!