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My signature masterclass that teaches quantum physics based manifestation, quantum leaping, accessing the quantum realm and time collapse.

1.5 hours of quantum magic, including a pre-recorded Q&A

Your guide to nailing organic attraction and high ticket sales. Including content to convert and closing high-ticket sales in the DMs


The concepts inside can be applied from day 1 in business!

A 2 hour training with a pre-recorded Q&A at the end.

Expanding on quantum foundations, this masterclass focuses on nailing quantum leaps—through the art of embodiment.

Your reality is a reflection of what you're currently embodying. But how do you embody something that doesn't exist yet in physical reality?

A 2 hour training with a pre-recorded Q&A

A high-level quantum training on bending reality and collapsing time.

What if we are living in a matrix...and you could use cheat codes to hack it? Become a master at quantum leaping through realities and defying logic.

A 2 hour training with a pre-recorded Q&A

Master your Instagram content game. Create organic content that attracts and converts high-paying clients even with a small following.

Optimise your Instagram and create aligned content that works for you while you sleep! 

A 2 hour training with a pre-recorded Q&A

Intentional and aligned goal setting to channel your mission from source and quantum leap into it.

Learn how to embody your goals and collapse timelines.

Achieving your goals don't require more doing but more devotion to presence.

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