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It’s time to elevate your business to the next level.


You’re ready to make consistent income, be booked out with clients and grow your presence online.


Forget hard hustle, we’re here to build our authentic brand and leave our legacy.


Let’s activate your magnetism and play in the quantum.


Allowing the next 3 months to propel you into overflow.


Join me and a group of aligned, ambitious women in the Magnetic Mastermind.

Ready to activate your magnetism in business?

The journey to consistent $5k-$10k months can be lonely and confusing. There’s so much conflicting material out there telling you how to run your business.


You’re trying to find your unique voice online and grow as a leader. You’re building up your product suite and testing the waters.


But most of all you crave soul support from a coach and group of women who get YOU. A community to share your wins, your setbacks and to laugh along the way.


After all, business is all about the fun and flow!



This is exactly why I created the Magnetic Mastermind.



A place where female entrepreneurs can connect, share ideas and uplevel as a collective.


The energy of a mastermind is next level, by bringing together a group of like-minded souls you cultivate a force to be reckoned with.


And the Magnetic Mastermind is no exception, this is a powerfully charged container made for massive transformation.



Are YOU ready to step into your magnetism?

Do you feel like you’re constantly chasing clients, sales and profit?


You’re putting in the work and often get frustrated when you don’t see results?


You desire success in your business so much that sometimes you obsess over the outcome?


I’m here to tell you there’s another way.


Instead of always chasing clients, using tacky sales strategies and forcing people onto discovery calls there’s something called…




When you co-create with the universe, utilise your unique energy and lean into feminine flow you no longer need to force it.


Your business begins to work FOR you.

This is how I've created my successful online empire without the hard hustle.


 The reality of my business is: 

My perfectly aligned clients approach ME.


I sign private clients in the DMs without applications or discovery calls.


I work only 10-15 hour weeks.


I’ve grown my social following without a hard strategy or batch creating content.


I consistently receive sales in my sleep.

I have abundant launches and passive sales.

This was all done through leveraging the universal principles of manifestation and quantum—magnetising my brand with the energy of attraction.


This is why I developed my 7 pillar A.T.T.R.A.C.T strategy made to help online coaches activate their magnetism.


  1. Alignment and authenticity

  2. Traffic

  3. Trust Building

  4. Rich content

  5. Aligned offers

  6. Conversion

  7. Transform


As part of The Magnetic Mastermind, you receive access to the seven module A.T.T.R.A.C.T framework!


We dive into each core pillar looking at BOTH the energetics and strategy behind each one. Honouring the balance between the masculine and feminine energy.

 An intimate 3-month mastermind 

The Magnetic Mastermind is made for early entrepreneurs who have made their first sale or booked their first client and is now looking to expand to consistent $5k-$10k months and beyond.


Designed for soul-led coaches and service-based business owners.

This mastermind is for you if:

  • You are looking to be part of a like-minded community of aligned women

  • You are excited to contribute and support your mastermind soul-sisters

  • You want to grow your brand authentically and unapologetically

  • You desire to utilise manifestation principles to elevate your business

  • You are all about alignment, feminine flow and the inner work

This mastermind is NOT for you if:

  • You're not willing to contribute to the group or support the other women

  • You prefer more high touch 1:1 support to a group setting (see private coaching)

  • You desire to grow your business through hard hustle as opposed to feminine flow

  • You're purely interested in strategy and avoid energetics and the inner work

What my clients have to say

IMG_4973 2.jpg
IMG_1434 2.jpg
71A6DCA5-460C-4932-A5B7-0453B94F5E9A_1_201_a - Serina Ho.jpeg

Serina Ho

I've made incredible strides in my business that I wouldn't have made as quickly if I wasn't in the MM container. Katie is unlike any other coach I have worked with and is so full of wisdom! Before I went from uncertain to knowing exactly how I want to serve my audience. I launched my podcast and group coaching program which I had been putting off for months due to fears/doubts. I was afraid to put myself out there before, now all I want to do is show up and share because I know that what I have to offer is freaking needed. Join if you want results fast. Katie works with Quantum energy on tap and being around her and other high-level women, you will elevate as well. Out of all the courses/containers I've been in, this was the most supportive and I felt safe in expressing myself with the struggles I was going through.


Kelly Morita

I'm so grateful to have been part of Katie's Mastermind. It was very intimate, almost like hanging out with a group of business besties and I loved the energy! If you're feeling alone and unsupported as you build your business, Katie's Mastermind will change that! Highly recommend!

Kelly is now making $5k-$10k months in business.

FullSizeRender - Patricia Waters.jpeg

Patricia Waters

Since working with Katie my confidence in showing up online has reached a whole new level. I've had massive downloads about content creation, and have been creating non-stop! I've updated my gorgeous website, streamlined my pricing, welcomed a whole new tribe of clients AND business besties. I've learned systems and strategies and had major breakthroughs in areas where I'd been stifled for years! I've launched a podcast, and experienced a massive breakthrough with flow — which has led to the creation of two new masterclasses and a mastermind! You'll have unimaginable breakthroughs into the infinite quantum! Katie makes it all easy, accessible, and she is so clear about what needs to be implemented.


Charlène Cham

I decided to work with Katie through the mastermind in order to scale my business with something else other than only strategy. When I clicked the button to pay, my energy just shifted. My way of communicating changed, I started to show up more often online with the confidence to attract my soul client and build my business in the quantum. I launched a group coaching program and got my first sales the same day. I got a new client for my high ticket coaching program and more. I would say if you need a mentor who trusts the universe, work with Katie.

What's included:

  • 2 x group mastermind calls per month

We have two 90-120 minute group calls each month on Zoom where everyone in the mastermind gets to participate and contribute. Every call has a theme and replays are available.

  • 1 x private call per month

Three private calls with Katie up to 1 hour each.

  • Access to the portal of masterclasses

Over 20 hours of video trainings ready for you to dive into.

  • Access to 4 modules from Aligned Business Creation

Receive lifetime access to 4x 90-minute modules from my Aligned Business Creation program. Designed to teach you how to build your business from scratch in 8 weeks.

  • Live monthly masterclasses

Get access to live monthly masterclasses on various topics that are catered for the group.

  • Group access & Voxer chat

Get access to a group chat inside Voxer where you can connect with the other women and ask questions. I'm inside the chat M-F answering your questions and providing support.

The Magnetic Mastermind is a minimum 3-month mastermind with the option to continue on a month to month basis.

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Anchor 1

3 Month Package

  • 6 x Mastermind calls

  • 3 x private calls

  • Access to the portal of trainings

  • Aligned Business Creation modules

  • Group Voxer chat

6 month package

  • 12 x Mastermind calls

  • 6 x private calls

  • Access to the portal of trainings

  • Aligned Business Creation modules

  • Group Voxer chat

Prices in $USD.

More questions?

Send me a DM on Instagram @katie.wilkinsonn

or email

Katie x

 Imagine 3 months from now: 

  • You are making consistent $5k-$10k months with absolute ease

  • You've had the easiest, most abundant and successful launches

  • You're a highly sought after, booked out coach

  • Business feels easy, fun and playful

  • You love your business because you only do what lights you up

  • You're part of a soulful community of other coaches who always support you


Meet your new business & mindset mentor


Hey, I'm Katie! A manifestation and intuitive business coach helping women own their authentic truth and grow their businesses unapologetically.

I resigned from my 9-5 job on a whim and within a year of starting my business I had surpassed 6 figures.

And I didn't create my success through hard hustle and burnout. Instead, I utilise my unique energy and the principles of manifestation to attract my dream clients, book out my programs and receive consistent sales in my sleep.

Through a blend of strategy and spirituality, we learn how to lean into feminine flow.

I've created my dream business that supports my ultimate freedom lifestyle in the span of less than a year!

And now... IT'S YOUR TURN


How long do I get access to the course for?

You get lifetime access to all the modules and recordings!


I have a product-based business is this for me?

This course is geared towards those wanting to start an online coaching or service-based business

Do you guarantee results?

I would love to guarantee this but I can't. There are too many factors out of my control such as the effort or time you put in. But I can confidently say if you show up and do the work you'll have a better understanding of building a successful online business.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this mastermind, refunds aren't available.


Email my team here.

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