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Abundant Business 1:1 Coaching


You have BIG business dreams

You envision your abundant 6-figure online empire that makes a real impact.


You are building a wildly abundant life aligned with your inner purpose.

Business can and should be easy. When we allow our business to be an extension of our most authentic self there's no limit to what we can achieve.

I'm here to guide you on your business journey.

 Because the truth about business is: 
You need both the masculine and feminine to build a thriving online business empire.
I remember going from earning $20/hour to $20k weeks within 2 years! And I didn't do it by hustling my way into burnout and seeing inconsistent results.
I utilised both the strategy and energy required to create a business by design, on my own terms! I leveraged the universal laws of manifestation to implement my action plan.

Instead of chasing clients, sales and success—there's another way, it's called ATTRACTION. No hard-selling, cold DMing or convincing required. Instead, you magnetise your clients & success.

It's about learning to infuse your unique energy into your business.
When you run your business from a state of attraction you open a flood gate. Expect an overflow of sales, high paying clients ready to pay in full, booked out programs and abundant launches.

It gets to be THIS EASY.
You can build a profitable business that feels like an extension of yourself and have tons of fun along the way!

Introducing Abundant Business 1:1 Coaching

A 3 or 6-month business mentorship for women ready to create a wildly abundant business aligned to their inner purpose and passion. This 1:1 coaching program is like no other... we focus on the 3 core pillars of my signature business success formula: mindset, energy and strategy.

By joining Abundant Business Coaching you will receive full guidance and support on how to start and scale your online business empire.

Rather than spending months, or even years, trying to figure out what works let's fast-track your business success while receiving support tailored to your unique needs.

Exceeded my income goal!


When I started working with Katie, my goal was to have 10 girls sign up for my first course and make $2000. We worked together to clear my blocks and help me through my first sales week after a brief meltdown, I closed my cart with a total of 9 enrollments and a total of $3000 in sales!

Without Katie's manifestation and mindset techniques, I know I wouldn't have pushed through to exceed my income goal.

I would highly recommend Katie's coaching to business owners like myself who are new to manifestation and want to apply those universal laws to grow their business and income

- Lauren


The perfect blend of business and spirituality


Katie is one of a kind! She got to the root of my problems when it comes to building my online business and knocked down so many of my walls that were blocking me from taking action! She taught me how to fall in love with myself, realize I’m enough and tap into my intuition.

I made $10,000 from my first launch!


I knew a little bit about manifestation before but now I understand it on a deeper level. Because of her guidance, I am a new person who now understands her own power to make an impact on other peoples lives through my online coaching services! Thank you so much, Katie!

- Kelly

 This mentorship is for you if: 

  • You are ready to start your online business but need guidance with taking the first steps

  • You are an early-stage entrepreneur and want to start making consistent $15k+ months

  • You want to make passive income and monthly recurring revenue

  • You desire to make your business feel like an extension of you and make it easy

  • You want to have a soul-led purpose-fueled business that inspires you every. single. day.

  • You are ready to build your business through aligning your mindset & energy, not purely hustle

  • You are here to create an abundant, freedom-based business and be the boss of your own life!

Manifested 2 high paying clients in 2 days...


After only 2 weeks of applying Katie's powerful techniques, I opened my business (which I had been delaying for the past 6 MONTHS!). Not only did I open my business, but I also began posting on Instagram and sharing my message—something I had lots of fear around previously.


I had to unblock my limiting beliefs to uplevel. However the best news, is 2 days into my opening my new business I went from 0-200 followers and manifested my first paid clients. 2 days, unblocking my limiting beliefs, and applying her techniques is all it took.


Now my business is growing exponentially and I'm on track to resign from my 9-5 in my first year of business! I couldn't have done it without Katie's mentorship.

- Callie

IMG_5401 2.jpg

Four figures in my first launch!


I enjoyed working with Katie very much and came away from the sessions with a clearer idea of what I wanted to do moving forward.

I finally opened my business and hit my revenue target of $1000 in sales in my first launch, with only 37 followers on Instagram!

I loved the high vibes Katie brought to our sessions, and she was so flexible on the timing!

- Felicia


What's included in this mentorship:


       In your first kick-off call, we'll deep dive into your business goals & aspirations then plan your          next 3-6 months in business!


      Held on Zoom, audio or video calls, we will workshop and strategise on the action steps you          can implement to grow your business and mindset.


      Between our calls, you get voice and text message access to ask me any questions, receive            feedback and update me on your business progress.


     + any future programs launched during your mentorship

      Receive full access to ALL my courses and any future ones created during our time together. This        alone is worth THOUSANDS.


      All Abundant Business Coaching clients will receive opportunities to collab in an IG Live or be          a guest on my Podcast: Abundant Attraction.

 Imagine 3-6 months from now: 

  • You are the boss of a thriving, abundant business empire that uplifts and inspires

  • You have fun while building and scaling your business

  • $15k—20k months are your new normal, hello abundant babe!

  • You make money while you sleep and have plenty of passive income

  • People see you as a leader and you have full authority in your niche

  • Working on your business is fun, energising and exciting!

  • You wake up every day excited to show up in your business

  • You love your life and know that your massive success is only the beginning...


Meet your new business mindset mentor


Hey, I'm Katie! Your manifestation coach and mindset mentor to keep you accountable for showing up and achieving your dreams! At age 21 I quit my 9-5 and within a year built a multiple 6 figure online business.

I help women, just like you, all over the world overcome their limiting beliefs holding them back from creating online wealth from their purpose work. My aim is to help women feel limitless in their potential and to become the designer of their life.

Because life should happen FOR you!

I've manifested my dream life of abundance including my dream house, car, business class flights, a thriving business and MORE!

But most importantly I've created a life for myself where every day I am living my mission which brings me such a sense of happiness, joy and fulfilment!

And now... it's YOUR TURN!

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