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How to Manifest Successfully

in 4 Easy Steps 



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  1. Four (4) high vibe video modules + pre-work.

  2. Five (5) workbooks with exercises to implement what you learn.

  3. Lifetime access to the course and any future materials I add to the course.

  4. BONUS - Lifetime access to the Unblock Limiting Beliefs Program.

    • Which includes:

      • 8 meditations

      • Journal prompts

      • Affirmations

      • And more!​

  5. BONUS - Manifestation checklist.


What if I told you that manifesting your dream life could be simple? That all you’re lacking is an easy step-by-step formula to help you manifest with absolute ease…

Because I know this is what I wished for when I began practising the law of attraction years ago. I knew how it worked, I did the techniques, but the process was the opposite of straight forward!


Fast forward 5 years and I realised after many trials and errors that there was actually a METHOD to manifestation and this completely transformed and fast-tracked the process! 



Manifestation doesn’t have to be complicated and unclear.



Instead, it CAN be simple, fast and easy to understand.



HOW? You just need to follow a simplified formula, like ticking off tasks on your to-do list!



New to manifestation or currently practise it but struggle to pave a clear linear path that leads you to your desires?


Feeling like you’re lacking a clear method to your practice?


Trying lots of different manifestation techniques without settling on just one?


Feeling like it’s harder than it should be, it’s taking too long and you’re not getting the exact results you’re after?


Feeling unconfident in your manifesting abilities?


Wishing that you could make life happen FOR you, rather than to you?

I’ve been there and trust me, it doesn’t have to be this way!


What if you knew the exact steps you needed to take? That you could actually do less work but get better results! This can be your reality because manifestation isn’t about how much you do, but making sure you’re doing the work that actually ALIGNS.

And this is why I’ve created this 4-week course: Aligned Manifestation!

My signature 4 step framework that allows you to manifest with complete confidence and ease. Think of it like a recipe, if you miss one of the ingredients you’ve ruined the result, and the same goes for the Law of Attraction. There are certain aspects that you must pay attention to and practise in order to actually achieve results. Neglect one, and your manifestation is going to be sabotaged…Follow them all and you’ve got a complete system for success!

If you’re thinking “I’m not ready to invest”, “maybe now is not the time” or “will this even work”

Let me tell you, I was having the same exact thoughts right before I invested in my first manifestation coaching program. It was terrifying! But what made me do it? I knew that I'm only going to benefit from investing in myself. And that once I nailed my mindset and manifestation I knew that I could design the life of my dreams. And that’s exactly what happened….

And most past students manifested their investment back + MORE within the 4 weeks!

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You were born a manifestor, and have been manifesting your whole entire life up until this moment. But now you’re ready to harness the power you already have and start to intentionally and strategically create the reality you desire!


There’s a reason you landed on this page, the universe knows that you’re destined for a life so much greater than the one you’re living now… And this Aligned Manifestation course is here to unlock that potential by providing a simplified approach and breaking manifestation down into easy to follow steps.


It’s time to up-level and become that next best version of you!

“I absolutely loved Katie’s course Aligned Manifestation, After two weeks of applying Katie's powerful techniques, I manifested a $1000 bonus from my job during the global pandemic and recession!


I also opened my business which I had been delaying for 6 months. 2 days into opening my new business I manifested my first 2 paid clients. Doing the Aligned Manifestation course and unblocking my limiting beliefs was all it took!

- Callie

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"I love the way Katie teaches manifestation! She makes it really easy to understand and balances the woo aspect of it with a dose of practicality. Katie is a fantastic speaker and really knows how to pace the information she is teaching you so you can soak it all up! I love her workbooks and everything so beautifully designed. It really exudes Katie's luxe vibes that you see on her Instagram account!

Working with Katie has helped me notice my thought patterns a lot more and really focus on my manifestations.

When I started working with Katie my goal was to have 10 girls sign up to my new course and make $2,000. We worked together to clear my blocks and helped me through my first sales week. I closed my cart with 9 enrollments and a total of $3,000 in sales! Without Katie's manifestation techniques I know I wouldn't have pushed through and exceeded my income goal.

I would highly recommend Katie's course to business owners like myself who are new to manifestation and want to apply those universal laws to grow their business and income."

- Lauren



4 high vibe modules outlining my signature 4 step manifestation strategy + pre-work and BONUS training on unblocking your limiting beliefs.


Pre-work: How manifestation works and understanding your thoughts.

Module 1: Setting a manifestation intention & placing your order with the universe.

Module 2: Becoming an energetic match for your desires + raising your vibe!

Module 3: How to take action towards your goals and walk the path of least resistance.

Module 4: Trusting in yourself and the universe, asking for signs and releasing the how!

BONUS Training: Unblocking your limiting beliefs and cultivating a bulletproof mindset.

PLUS workbooks and weekly exercises that transforms the concepts you learn into daily practices!

Course bundle (3).png

All together Aligned Manifestation is worth over $1,000! But I'm offering this course at a fraction of the price!



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Select this option and receive:

  • Immediate access to the Aligned Manifestation course

  • Immediate access to the Unblock Limiting Beliefs Program

  • Lifetime access to both courses


Select this option and receive:

  • Everything in the Classic option plus,

  • Two (2) private coaching sessions with me - 45 minutes each


All prices are USD.


I started Katie's course Aligned Manifestation roughly a month ago and after only 2 weeks, I can tell that layer after layer, I was adding one more useful lesson on how to manifest.

To be precise, the one thing that I can tell changed a lot is I have manifested a way for my husband to finish up his immigration in a way that would make sense to our budget, I have manifested work opportunities that I had not yet thought about before. I've made major shifts with my business as well!

This really works, not to mention, Katie is a master in manifestation!

- Ella


"Katie’s Aligned Manifestation course was essential to

truly discover my path, learn more about myself, and realize the power I have over my own life.

Katie’s course is packed full of vital information and I was

mind blown with every single module! The lessons got me excited to take on the world and follow my dreams. Her energy is delightful and I felt the shift in my own energy as well.

I hit a huge milestone and made $3,000 from my beta course launch. Katie helped me overcome my insecurities and limiting beliefs.


I've also improved my health and healed my many food intolerances. I no longer have to use an inhaler after 30 years! 


Highly recommend this course!

Who knew you could change your entire life in four weeks with the power of manifestation!"

- Kelly


Katie brings a creative approach to her course Aligned Manifestation.


As a woman with a fairly busy work schedule, this easy to follow course puts more time into my day - as I don't need to spend hours upon hours note-taking! This allowed my learning experience to be incredibly enjoyable and I honestly have gained so much insight and knowledge from this experience.


I am implementing my new learnings daily, which has allowed me to introduce some good and lifelong habits into my everyday routine. Katie’s course will give you the right tools and skillset to start your journey with manifestation

- Gemma


The Aligned Manifestation course from Katie helped me so much! The content is super clear and immediately applicable. I already knew the basics of manifestation but with this course, I still learned a lot and I got some great new insights. Katie's teaching style is super helpful and really good, the content is so detailed!

I already had some amazing mindset/ manifestation transformations through this course. I now know better how to manifest, I know that I can really achieve anything if I believe in myself. I feel a lot more positive and conscious about my thoughts and actions and how they influence my manifestations.


- Anne


Katie’s Aligned Manifestation course was nothing short of amazing! I thought I had a pretty good understanding of manifestation, however, I was always a little unsure on the actual implementation side of it all.


Katie did an awesome job of breaking down the process into easy to understand and practical everyday steps.


After each module, I walked away feeling more and more confident in my abilities and like I now have the tools to manifest anything my heart desires! Katie is so knowledgable and friendly and I would highly recommend her course!

- Darelle


In case we haven't properly met...


Hey, I'm Katie! Your manifestation BFF and mindset coach to keep you accountable for showing up and achieving your dreams!

I help women, just like you, all over the world overcome their limiting beliefs holding them back from creating online wealth from their purpose work. My aim is to help women feel limitless in their potential and to become the designer of their life.

Because life should happen FOR you!

I've manifested my dream life of abundance including my dream house, car, business class flights, a thriving business and MORE!

But most importantly I've created a life for myself where every day I am living my mission which brings me such a sense of happiness, joy and fulfilment!

And now... it's YOUR TURN!



You will receive an email with all the important details, then...


You get immediate access to ALL the modules including pre-work and bonus training.

You get lifetime access to the content!


How long do I get access to the course for?

You get access to the course forever, this includes any updates made in the future!


Is this a good course for beginners?

Yes! This course is great for you if you’re new to manifestation as we break it down in a simplified way


I already practise manifestation, is this course for me?

For sure! If you feel like you’re lacking structure to your manifestation practise and desire to have a simplified systematic approach you can follow, this course is for you.

Can I get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of this course, refunds aren't available.


Email my team here.

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