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Remember the Australian bushfires? We navigated the tragedy by uniting together and each offering support or value within our means. Some donated money, some offered up their homes and companies raised money from sales to support the cause. What if we applied the same mentality and gathered collective energy to help one another through this COVID-19 outbreak? During difficult times is when we need to unite more than ever and help our world, we can't do it alone.

If we all were able to utilise our skills, each one of us can offer up time, resources or energy to give something of value. Utilise the online space to make the world a better place. Whether it's hosting a group live video or providing more accessibility to your products/service, every effort is needed. If we all pitch in a small bit, collectively we can make a huge positive impact. Even if doing your part means to continue posting uplifting and inspiring content online that will help people take their minds away from the negativity. Everything counts, we need to be creating a positive online space where people can feel fully supported and have easy access to resources that will help them through this.

So my question to you is, how are you going to support society during this stage? We can all be of service and do our bit! Today I've launched my FREE 30 minute mindset & manifestation call to support those who are struggling during these times. You can sign up HERE.



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