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How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that states "like attracts like" and similar to gravity, no one exempt—it happens whether you practise it intentionally or not. The energy and thoughts you put out into the world are what you’ll receive. So, if you are sad you’ll attract more sadness and if you’re joyful you’ll attract more joy. We often attract more of what we already have and experience, which is why our lives tend to stay the same, or you experience similar situations, people and things. Change in your life requires a change at an emotional and energetic level. This works because we live in an energetic world. Every particle, cell and molecule in this world emits a certain vibration. If you remember back in high school we learnt about wavelengths, and that certain things emit a certain vibration. For example, radios, microwaves and the human voice. Emotions also hold certain vibrational frequencies. So when we shift our emotional and internal state to one of high vibration we attract things in that same state.

Here's some of the science behind the Law of Attraction:

When you choose what you want to focus on in your life, it triggers your reticular activating system within your brain to determine what is of significance and consciously filters the world through this perspective. Essentially opening more doors and opportunities for yourself that you may not have otherwise seen.

Biologically, each emotion that we experience produces unique chemicals and hormones in our brain that interacts with specific cells in our body and influences how our genes are expressed! YES your thoughts, feelings and emotions do impact your biology and chemistry. Which is why your mind and body are inextricably linked, so I like to look at ourselves as one entire entity; mind, body and spirit. They interact with each other on a deep level and are inseparable. So when we look at mindset and manifestation it really goes beyond just your mind. It infiltrates your whole being, life and reality.

So your body is a reflection of your mind! Any emotions that are undealt with then manifest as physical symptoms. Why? Because emotions are energy, e-motion, energy in motion. And science tells us that energy cannot be created or destroyed. So when you ignore your emotions, suppress them and bury them deep inside, the energy they hold has to express itself somehow. Eventually, this energy ends up transmuting into a physical symptom or illness, which after a prolonged period of time becomes chronic.

So you can see what a massive role your thoughts pay in your daily life. You have over 80,000 thoughts per day yet 90% of your thoughts are the same as yesterday. So if you’re not consciously choosing to change your thought patterns and brains programming, you’re essentially living in an old version of yourself. If you want to create a better reality and attract more into your life, you need to reinvent yourself. The thoughts that created the current problems you’re experiencing? They’re not going to create more possibilities, only exacerbate the problems they originally created.

Although thoughts are the driving factor, they are only the tip of the iceberg. Thoughts don’t create distress and disharmony. Our thoughts create emotions and these emotions create feelings which trigger more thoughts. And you can see that a vicious cycle has been created. You then get stuck in the hamster wheel and spiral in a never-ending domino effect. The problem lies in what’s called a toxic emotion. Experiencing an emotion is, of course, healthy and normal. But it becomes a problem when an emotion triggers another emotion because we are essentially upset at ourselves for being emotional or reacting in a certain way. For example, we’re angry and then we’re angry that we’re angry. This judgement towards ourself creates a toxic emotion cycle that is difficult to escape. So we know that emotions is where the energy lies and if we’re feeling these toxic emotions won’t we be vibrating at a low frequency? This is where the emotional scale comes into play.

When practising the law of attraction, a lot of people like to refer to the emotional vibration scale. Basically, many people teach that the emotions down the bottom are negative and should be avoided because when we feel these emotions we are vibrating at a low frequency and are therefore contracting. If we want to manifest and improve our life, we have to vibrate at a certain frequency so we are in a state of what’s called expansion, we are bringing in more things into our life. But the huge dilemma here is that this way of interpreting this model really encourages the “think positive, act positive, be positive” movement. The goal is to move up the scale and stay at the top so we are a match for our high-frequency desires. But what I encourage you all to do is to perhaps think a bit differently. Labelling things as good or bad, negative or positive can be really detrimental because the way we perceive things are immediately skewed or one-sided. If we understand that the world we live constantly in a state of balance, due to the law of duality, then we’ll know that nothing is positive or negative, it is always both, or neutral. You cannot experience a positive in your life without simultaneously experiencing a negative to balance it out. Because the law of duality states that everything is on a continuum and has a complementary opposite within the whole. So there may be two sides of the coin, but there is only one coin. Things that appear as opposites are in fact two extremes of the same thing.

So how is it possible to stay on the higher end of this emotional spectrum and think positive all of the time without acknowledging the other side?. We as humans are made to experience every single emotion that’s available, that’s how we express ourselves and live life. If we never experienced sadness, we would never be happy. Because there’s nothing to compare it to, so you wouldn’t know the other side. So instead of seeing it like avoiding negative emotions, you can view it more like a pyramid. I see the bottom emotions as a foundation for the ones above it. So as you move along and up the scale, each point is essentially a culmination of all the emotions below it. Why? Because the highest emotions available: love, peace, joy and gratitude aren’t the absence of what we label “negative emotions”. Love isn’t the absence of hurt, happiness isn’t the absence of sadness and peace isn’t the absence of war. To experience these high-level emotions we also must have experienced their complete complementary opposite. Essentially, the goal isn’t to think positive, the aim should really be to maintain a sense of balance or equilibrium, to be the ultimate fusion of all the emotions as one. Another way to look at it is with the colours, each emotion has a corresponding colour and highest emotion of enlightenment is what? White, right? And what really is the colour white, it is ALL the colours combined! So to feel whole and to feel fulfilled we need every single emotion out there and be a full embodiment of them all. So next time you experience what we often say is a negative emotion, realise that it serves a purpose. Acknowledge it and say thank you, and think about what it is teaching you. Before allowing it to slowly pass and being able to feel into a sense of love and gratitude again. Love is one of the most powerful emotions because when living in unconditional love we have an open heart that is willing to experience everything the world has to offer.

When finding a sense of balance within yourself so you can be equanimous, I like to picture a wavelength. We have peaks which are the high times. where we are excited and ecstatic, and the troughs which signified the low times of despair and sadness. Many people like to call it the rollercoaster of life, constantly going up and down. And if you take the “think positive” model you’re trying to continuously ride the never-ending upward wave. But inevitably, we all know that at one stage you’ll have to come crashing down. And this goes back to the law of duality play. It is trying to bring us back to a state of balance, that sweet line spot in the middle where equilibrium lies. But like a pendulum, the momentum we’ve created with these crazy highs and lows just causes us to swing back and forth missing the middle entirely. True happiness is found in this calm state of zen, like you have after you’ve had an amazing meditation session, everything feels easy and effortless, not crazy happy and excited. So this is something I’m still working on but have improved drastically in my life, to notice when I’m staying from that midline and gently trying to bring myself back into this equanimous state.



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