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How You Can Start Manifesting TODAY

So, you now know what the law of attraction is. But, where do you even start to put it into practice?

First of all, it's important to note that NO you don't have to "activate" your manifesting powers. You were born with the ability to manifest, just like you were born into a world where gravity is a universal law. You've been doing it your whole entire life, now it's just time to do it intentionally!

1. Understand how you've created your current reality through auditing your mind

Before we deep dive into creating a brand new reality, it's important first to understand how you created your current one! You must figure out the system, or crack the code as they say, so you can then apply it in new circumstances. You do this through auditing and cataloguing everything within your current state of mind. Take a week to really analyse your thoughts, emotions and actions. Carry a journal with you and document your most frequent and dominating thoughts. We have over 80,000 thoughts per day, so it's the ones we constantly revisit that manifest with the most intensity.

Once you have a catalogue of your internal dialogue it's time to see what reality are these thoughts creating, and how do they link to your current reality? Where you have success in your life you will probably have healthy thoughts and beliefs. Where you may be unhappy in your life, potentially uncover the particular beliefs holding you back.

Categorise your beliefs into: beliefs that serve you, and beliefs that inhibit you.

For example, if you want to manifest more money but you keep thinking you're not worthy or capable of finding a job and that you'll most likely end up living paycheck to paycheck. Your financial situation has been birthed from your beliefs which are mirrored back to you in your circumstances and life events. This is an unhelpful belief that needs to be weeded out before you expect to see any significant change in your career and finances.

Now, you have essentially found the fault in the system, you understand how your life has led you to this exact point in time. You created it via your internal narrative!

2. Flip the script

Now that you possess a catalogue of your biggest beliefs and you have a general understanding of how these created your current reality, it's time to make shifts.

Here is where we target those beliefs that are inhibiting you, compile them all and flip the script. Replace them with new positive beliefs or affirmations that are congruent with the reality you desire to create.

Replace rather than eliminate

Just like when you're practising healthy eating, it's difficult to cut out sugar or coffee cold-turkey, right? Instead, you divert your attention and create a healthy distraction. This is the same with our beliefs, you need to form new positive statements or affirmations to direct your attention instead.

And remember, new neural pathways are formed on the basis of repetition! So keep repeating and reinforcing the new narrative until it becomes your ultimate reality.

3. Start small

After you've started making changes in your current reality, it's time to start attracting more into your life. And it's so important to start small, at square one just like everyone does. Manifestation is like a muscle and you need to exercise it rather than rushing in headfirst.

So I like to start with what I call a micro manifestation, something that's small and easy to manifest but specific enough so that it's not a coincidence. For example, this could be a free coffee, $50 or a gift. Set your intention and wait around a week to see if you receive it. This not only starts strengthening your manifestation muscle but builds your faith so you know that this really works!

It's so easy to get excited and want to start manifesting huge things, but there is a lot to learn along the way. Imagine walking into the gym for the first time and picking up the heaviest weight and failing. You're going to be so discouraged, embarrassed and probably never set foot inside the gym ever again. Hell, you might even blame it on the weight itself. This happens with a lot of people who complain that manifestation doesn't work but it's because they're trying to start at level 100 before learning and practising the foundations.

4. Manifest the source

When picking something to manifest it's important to try and go directly to the source of your manifestation. Often we aim to have tangible things or money, but we don't really want either of these things. We want to emotional experience it brings. And so it's important to dig deep down and ask yourself, what am I REALLY manifesting? Is it the travel or is it the freedom, independence and experience?

Also, when manifesting money it's good to focus on why you want the money or what you are going to spend it on rather than the money itself. Money is just a resource that you utilise. So if you're wanting money to buy a car, you could just go directly to the source and manifest the car. Remember, it's not about how but about what and why!

Not sure what to pick? Ensure it's just outside of your comfort zone but something you don't have too much resistance towards.

5. Move up the scale

Once you have successfully manifested on an international level you want to keep moving up the scale, or reaching new levels. Remember, your manifestation goal should be just outside of your comfort zone to ensure growth. And every person's scale is different, what you might find easy, someone else might find hard.

Everything in this world is equally available to you, and manifesting $1 is technically the same as manifesting $1,000,000 but what makes it seem different is your own blocks and resistance. So understand what your own scale and move up it incrementally, until you can essentially manifest anything!



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