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How to Practise Manifestation Throughout Your Day

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Manifestation happens all the time, whether we practise it intentionally or not. So the best way to make the most out of it isn't just to sit down for 5 minutes a day trying to manifest, but actually practise and live the principles every minute of every day. And here is how I do it!

Start your day off right

The two times of the day when you have the most access to your subconscious is in the morning and at night. I like to see the morning as a fresh clean slate, and so whatever we do in those first few hours is really going to set the tone and energy for the rest of the day. I believe carving out some time for a dedicated morning routine is really important in being able to achieve this.

First I like to think, what is my intention for today? Write it down. What kind of energy do you want to embody today? Then find certain activities that allow you to shift your energy into this state of being. For me, I love starting my day off feeling calm and grounded. So I like to incorporate activities such as journaling, meditating, exercising (yoga) and picking an oracle card. I believe there is no "one size fits all" morning routine out there, you just need to see what is for you. I also love starting my day off early, I feel like it gives me a good head start and I can accomplish more during the day, so I love waking up at 6:30 am!

Since it's easier to access your subconscious in the morning it's prime time to manifest. So I like to do a little manifestation routine in my morning. Just remind myself of what I'm currently manifesting and feeling into the feelings, playing the scenarios in my head as if they have already happened. This is how you embed them into your subconscious!

Finally, live as if your dream is already your reality. So as soon as you've gotten out of bed act as if you were living that dream. What would you do? How would you act? What would you wear?

Segment throughout the day

Everyone's day is broken down into segments, every time you change what you're doing or change location you've entered a new segment. And using this, you can implement manifestation to create your ideal day. So before you enter a new segment just take 30 seconds or so to manifest how you want that segment to go, visualise and play it out in your head. One great example of this is manifesting a car park. Many people pray for, or manifest a car park right before they've reached their destination! This is how it's done, right before the event takes place just manifest how you want it to occur.

Keep on top of your energy

It's important to try to maintain a balanced state of being throughout the day, although this isn't always possible I remind myself that I can shift my energy at any given moment. I don't need a "fresh start" or a new day to feel into alignment again. Our past doesn't have to dictate our future, even if that past was a mere hour ago. If you get caught down the rabbit hole of scrolling on social media, don't let that ruin your day. Choose to shift and realign your energy!

Pay attention to your thoughts & emotions

Our thoughts, emotions and energy are what manifest to create our reality. So being acutely aware of these are really important so you can see your most frequent and dominating thoughts. I like to record my thoughts throughout the day and have mini check-ins. You can do this by carrying a journal and making small entries, voice recording to document how you feel or using a mood tracking app.

Find out what your most frequent thoughts is, this might surprise you! Really see, do these thoughts serve me? Are they helping me create my dream reality? Where do they stem from? Are they a limiting belief, label or story OR are they fact?

Notice when you get triggered

Our triggers are deeply rooted psychological beliefs that prevent us from living to our fullest potential. These are also called a "shadow". Our triggers show us what we really need to work on and you can get triggered by anything, including social media! Notice when you feel uncomfortable or prickly, there will often be an underlying limiting thought.

When things don't go your way

We can try as we might, but our lives aren't fully under our control. So when things don't go our way, the most important thing is to make sure that it doesn't get the best of us. When something happens the way you didn't intend or doesn't serve you, realise that everything serves a purpose. The law of duality states that nothing is positive or negative, it is either both or neutral. A coin may have 2 sides but there is only one coin. So express gratitude to the event or situation, say thank you. And think, what is this trying to teach me? Realise that this may be a test. The universe likes to test us to see if we are capable of upleveling and managing the challenges and responsibilities that come with that. Also, dig deep, did you somehow manifest it due to your limiting beliefs and energy? Did you perhaps not set an intention so the universe decided for you, rather than you taking the reigns.

When you feel yourself spiralling or stuck in a rut

Again, whenever you feel like life is getting the better of you just stop and take a breather. Say thank you, acknowledge your thoughts, honour your feelings. Then choose to feel into a more aligned state, your emotions aren't fact! Create a little energetic realignment routine that you always fall back on when things get out of control.

End the day on a high note

Just like the beginning of the day, you want to end your day on a good note. Not only does it make you fall asleep easier but it can help you start the next day on an ever better foot. So I have a nighttime routine where I wind down and do activities that are very calming and relaxing. I always journal about my day, look at my most frequent thoughts and shift any stagnant energy or beliefs that don't serve me. I write down a list of everything I accomplished, everything that I'm grateful for then again revisit my manifestations. So that they are the main thing on my mind when my head hits the pillow and they become ingrained in my subconscious.

So that's all the ways I practise manifestation throughout the day! Honestly, it all boils down to your awareness and making the most of the fact that manifestation happens at every moment! I hope you can create your own little manifestation daily rituals from this to help you elevate your life :)

- Katie x



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