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Transmuting Energy to Manifest Your Desire

Energy acts as the foundation of manifestation. In order to call in your desires, you must become an energetic match for them. Essentially, you have to embody the version of you that already has your desire.

But what happens when you feel uninspired, unmotivated and lacking energy when it comes to manifesting your desire?

How can we align our energy once again, and regain that passion?

First, it's important to understand how energy works. Remember learning science in high school and we were taught the law of conservation of energy? It states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

EVERYTHING in this world is energy, I am, you are, your thoughts and even your desire holds a specific energetic signature.

So when you're manifesting, realise that it's impossible to create something out of nothing. We are never gaining or losing energy in our life, instead, energy is transmuted. It changes form, so we have everything we ever need in our life, it's just not in the form we desire!

Whatever you're looking for, you already have. It's just time for you to play with the energy and shift it from one area of our life into another.

You want more abundance, see where you ALREADY have abundance and shift that.

You want more support and love, see where you already have that and shift it slightly.

And when it comes to passion, you never lose that either. Our passions definitely change and evolve over time, but we are passionate beings. Maybe you've lost motivation for what you're currently manifesting, but it just means you've accidentally directed the energy somewhere else in your life.

We are all daydreamers and certain things get us excited, no matter how small. Recall, during those boring times of the day, where does your mind wander to? Naturally, we like to create scenarios or revisit memories to escape the mundane.

You have absolutely no problem transporting yourself into these made-up realities, you are essentially manifesting unconsciously when you daydream! You are embodying the energy of having experienced the event.

THIS here is where you're directing your energy. Common areas are relationships, going out, having fun and travel.

So your task now is to identify where you're allowing your energy to flow and redirect it into your goals!

This is how you transmute energy, encapsulate this high vibe energy and inspire yourself to get excited again about what you're calling in!

You are capable of shifting the energy in your own life, be intentional about where you direct it and you'll supercharge your manifestations and never have a lack of inspiration again!


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