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How I've Stayed High Vibe During Isolation

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

This year has been quite the emotional journey for many of us, myself included! But for the past month or two, I've really embraced the situation and made it work for me by simply adopting a mindset shift and implementing a few techniques. So I'll be sharing these with you here in this blog post and these things aren't just specific to the current times but can be applied to many areas of your life!

Routines and Structure

Many of us are spending more time than ever at home or working from home. And while this may be enticing, having all this freedom can leave us feeling lost and unproductive. I believe it's so important to have some form of structure in your day or implement routines so that you have some guidelines to follow. Because otherwise, it's so easy to waste time and fall off track. In school or traditional work, our days are scheduled out for us and certain things are non-negotiable, like what time we need to show up. And this ensures that we get things done. So the same should be applied even at home, ask yourself: do I work best to deadlines? If yes maybe choose to set due dates for certain tasks & projects and start structuring your day.

As you may know, I love my routines so every day I follow a morning and night routine that helps me stay high vibe, every single day I meditate, exercise and journal—my three daily non-negotiables.

Having a purpose and a passion

For many of us our days are different and how we spend our time has now drastically changed. Especially if you have lost your job during the pandemic, you may feel disorientated because you no longer have anything that you're working towards and this can often be quite de-motivating. But by having a purpose and a passion, something greater than yourself can help you wake up in the morning and feel ready to start the day!

For me, I wake up feeling energised because I'm excited to work on my business and make a positive impact every single day. And when I'm not working I enjoy things such as reading, meditating, journaling and yoga. I always have some type of project that I'm working towards, somewhere I can direct my energy. And this can also work as a healthy distraction so you're not just sitting there consuming all the negative messages the news is perpetuating.

Enjoy the little things

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational emotions that we can experience, and it allows us to uplevel and elevate our life. So one thing that isolation has taught me is to be grateful for everything, even the small things. Because ultimately, being in isolation isn't all that terrible. Most of us have access to the internet, a roof over our head and so many little things to enjoy in our everyday lives. Many of these things we once took for granted because we spent so much time away from home. If you're missing something that you no longer can experience because of isolation it's an easy way to actually express gratitude for it, now we truly understand the importance that thing plays in our lives! There is always something to be thankful for so every day I do this by writing a gratitude list and feeling into the beautiful energy of appreciation.

Adopting a growth mindset

The way you experience a situation is determined by how you perceive it. I like to say, it's not the situation that defines us, but how we define the situation. If we look at the law of duality that states everything has a complementary opposite within the whole, or there are two sides of a coin but only one coin—there are always two opposing ways we can view life. Most people call this "positive and negative". So by understanding this, we know that we can choose to see something as beneficial or harmful. So you can decide whether you want to make the most of isolation, to create new opportunities and see the good, or on the contrary, you can see it as your demise. But both viewpoints are choices that you make, do you want to be the glass half empty person, or the glass half full?

Inviting newness

Although it is so important to express gratitude for everything we already have, isolation can quickly become boring if we don't continuously keep things fresh. Being locked up isn't an excuse to let your life become stale. There is always a way to invite newness, keep learning and growing even during isolation. And an easy way of doing this is simply trying new things or learning something new!

Control what you can, let go of what you can't

This mindset shift is so important and is actually what helped me settle in the situation and let go of resistance. In the beginning, I kept ruminating on when the restrictions would lift and waiting for it to end. But then I realised I wasn't living in the moment, but rather trying to control what I didn't have control over. Once I let go of this and just settled into iso life I was not just able to survive, but thrive! I'm choosing to make the most of this situation, and so can you!


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