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My Journey to Becoming a Mindset and Manifestation Coach

My very first podcast episode it out now! I thought I'd introduce who I am, my own journey and how I became a manifestation and mindset coach.

My story began when I was in high school, at age sixteen. My life at the time was great, I had amazing friends, good grades and really enjoyed my life. I have always been an ambitious person so I had big goals and plans for what I wanted to do and achieve. But this suddenly changed when my mental and physical health started to rapidly deteriorate. And at the end of the school year, I found myself isolated from my friends and had no choice but to drop out of school as I was unable to keep up with the demands both mentally or physically. My life and my goals felt like they were put on pause. It was the lowest point in my life and it was at this time when I realised that I had taken everything for granted. Being able to walk outside without pain, socialising, partying. Even the simplest things were a huge struggle. And I constantly searched for an answer, for a cure, for anything, I was desperate. Because it felt like everything had been taken away from me and that I no longer had control over my own life.

It was during these years I really fell into the world of personal development, I saw how these people created their own dream life for themselves, and wanted to know how they did it, wanted to learn their secrets. So I devoured books, podcasts and videos, and this is when I discovered the world of mindset and manifestation. It was fascinating seeing people talk about the power of your mind and how you can use your thoughts to change your reality. At this point, I was ready to try anything, because, despite everything, I was determined to change my life and create something better for myself. I believed there was a better reality awaiting me.

I believed there was a better reality awaiting me.

And I saw that if these people, who had gone through similar situations to me, that I could do the same. So slowly, I began to implement the things I was learning and gradually changed my life as I knew it. Change definitely didn’t happen overnight, but throughout those 2 years, I learnt some of the most important lessons of my life. I learnt that your external world really is a reflection of your internal reality. And that I had spent so many years searching and yearning for answers, like many others. When everything I needed was already there, in myself. So I healed my illness, went back to finish school online and graduated at the top of my class, completed university studying Kinesiology and even landed my dream job that really aligned with my values. Through understanding my mind, and most importantly myself, I was not only able to get my life back but create an even better one, one that was beyond what I thought I could achieve in such a short time-frame.

I was not only able to get my life back but create an even better one, one that was beyond what I thought I could achieve in such a short time-frame.

But it’s not the dream house, the nice car, travel or the business class flights that determines the quality of my life. These are purely the side-effects of living in alignment with your values. And using your mind to shift who you are and how you experience life. You are able to call in these things which are essentially just a bonus or reward for being connected to yourself. The biggest achievement and my greatest success is learning to master my mind, emotions and internal world. So my outer world reflects that. I’m living a life that I’m proud of, that’s fulfilling and full of gratitude and joy, that’s what holds the most value.

Many people think they want the material things, the house, the money and the relationships. But really they want what these things can bring into their lives, which is happiness, love, freedom and abundance. And abundance is so much more than the wealth, it’s a state of being. It’s knowing that we always have more than enough, and there is enough room for all of us to be successful and live our dream. That we are constantly creating opportunities for ourselves and opening new doors. And this all starts within, it all starts with you.

this all starts within, it all starts with you.

The biggest thing is understanding that you have lived a full life up until this moment, you do not need to have more or be more, you are more than enough. All the answers that we’re searching for lay inside of us.

All the answers that we’re searching for lay inside of us

I love the concept of unlearning rather than learning. We need to strip back the layers and release all the unhelpful expectations and beliefs that we’ve adopted from society and others. The most important journey of our lives is actually the journey within. Understanding ourselves and how we get out of our own way and create our dream reality. When we know how to use the tools we already possess, anything is possible. Your only limit is you. Which is why if you want to elevate your life, you have to dissolve the fear and blocks that are standing in your way. You cannot create a better reality than the one you are in living in, with the same mentality and belief system that also created the current problems you are experiencing.

You cannot create a better reality than the one you are in living in, with the same mentality and belief system that also created the current problems you are experiencing.

So we need to master the art of unblocking our limiting beliefs, which is why I have created and shared with you a free guide that outlines my signature 6 step process that I developed and use myself to overcome those mental blocks. This is something that I go back to whenever I’m feeling stuck, and I work through this process consistently to make sure that I’m always releasing what no longer serves me and continue to break that glass ceiling. So you can download this free guide here and start your journey of transformation.

So, After going through my own experience, I’ve now dedicated myself to helping others, just like you, to shift their beliefs and shift their life. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve been through or who you want to become, but you have direct access to these tools inside you. And the reason why I’m not just focused on mindset, but I also incorporate manifestation is because it’s not just our thoughts that create our reality, it’s our feelings, emotions and essentially, energy that holds the most power. I’m going to be diving deep into the laws of the universe in the future, but fundamentally the law of attraction states that you have to feel something first before it manifests into your reality. But also understanding that the world is constantly in a state of balance, this means that you can’t experience a positive without simultaneously experiencing negative and vice versa. So the key to actually manifesting your desires is to call in both sides of the equation. You can’t manifest in halves, you can’t just want the good or the positive side. Each new level in your life not only brings more greatness but also brings new challenges and responsibilities, so you need to be ready to accept and experience this duality if you desire to manifest more in your life.

And Manifestation happens to everyone, no one is exempt, whether you practise it intentionally or not, any emotions that you experience ultimately create your reality, good and bad. But in essence, nothing is essentially good or bad in this world, it is just one experience but our logic brain likes to focus on one half of the equation. The aim isn’t to think of feel positive all of the time, this is impossible. The aim is to experience life as a whole and when we embody this, there is no longer two sides of the spectrum, but rather we create equilibrium or equanimity. In the future, we’ll explore how you can start to apply the techniques so you can experience a sense of balance in your life.

Ultimately, going through this experience in my life, no only helped me discover who I was but how I want to live my life. It taught me that your health, mindset and wellbeing are the most important assets that you possess. And nothing in this world is worth you sacrificing them for. So my aim is to not only help people follow their dreams but still stay connected to themselves, or even forge a deeper connection in the process! We don’t need to hustle hard ‘till the day we die, you just need to be committed and show up. Because when you embody your true essence and core values, life flows easily. The universe is designed to make life happen for you, it always has you back.

Katie xx



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