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New Moon Manifestation & Intention Setting Ritual

So recently I’ve been embracing the energy of the current new moon, and last night decided to practise my new moon manifestation ritual and thought that I’d love to share this process with you all!

The darkness of a new moon symbolises reflection, introspection and turning inward. Making it a powerful time to work on letting go of what no longer serves you and setting intentions for what you want more of in your life. So a new moon manifestation ritual can be a powerful way to synchronise with natures energy and supercharge our manifestations! Make sure to get out your journal so you can follow along with the process.

New moon intention setting & manifestation ritual: Reflect on the past month: What were your wins? What could’ve you done better? Where was your energy sitting and what were your predominant thoughts and emotions? Honour your current energy: How are your currently feeling energetically and emotionally? What emotions are you experiencing that no longer serve you? You may want to break this down for each area of your life eg. self, relationships, money, career. Shift your energy: How do you desire to feel in each of these areas in your life?

Set an intention: Set an intention for the month ahead! You can turn this into an affirmation or I am statement.

NOW, embody these new emotions and intention to replace the emotions that no longer serve you. This doesn’t mean to manufacture emotions that you don’t currently feel and repressing your current ones. But rather shift and embody this new intention and energy within yourself. How would you feel if you had everything you desired? Express that gratitude and love. Remember, in order to be or receive something into our life we have to feel into it first. Feel as if it has already happened, so all resistance should no longer exist!

I really hope you enjoyed this new moon manifestation ritual and I can’t wait to see everything shift and unfold!

Katie xx



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