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So what exactly are mobile Lightroom presets? How do they work and how can you use them to up your Instagram game?

My dreamy filter in action

Lightroom presets are my new best friend, as a busy photographer and content creator I don't always have time to whip out my laptop and spend a good hour editing one photo to post on Instagram. That's why I created my own Lightroom presets, so now when I'm on the go and snap a pic on my phone, it only takes one click to make it instantly insta-worthy. And I've put in all the hard work for you, because each preset is the result of hours of editing condensed into a single filter—thank me later :)

Hold up! But what exactly is a Lightroom preset?

Simply put, Lightroom presets are filters that can be added to images. Similar to many filters you have already seen and used on apps such as Instagram or VSCO but also quite different...

Why should I invest in Lightroom presets? How are they different to normal filters?

Well I'm glad you asked! Lightroom presets are like advanced custom filters that can be applied in seconds, an effortless way to enhance your photos and create a cohesive Instagram feed. Lightroom presets are different to typical filters as they can be adjusted and fine-tuned to suit your image. Not only can you increase/decrease the exposure, contrast, saturation etc but you can play with individual colours and hues. Are the greens to dark? Lighten them! The skin tone to orange? Tone it down. Lightroom presets give you so much more freedom and precision than your average filter! Plus the presets are yours to keep forever!

Do I need a Lightroom subscription to use your presets? How do I use them on my phone?

The only purchase you need to make is my presets, you can download the Lightroom app on your phone for free and no Lightroom subscription is required. After importing my presets into the Lightroom app you can apply the filters to any of your photos. You do not need to be an expert at Lightroom in order to enjoy my presets.

How do I download the presets onto my phone?

Under each preset pack product page are step by step instructions on how to download the presets onto your phone after purchasing them.

Take a look at some of my favourite before and afters using my presets!

Wondering what an Instagram feed would look like when consistently using one of my presets? Here's a great example using my dreamy preset pack!

Love all the light warm tones

My Lightroom presets can take your Instagram feed to the next level!

Ready to up level your Instagram? Shop my presets HERE.

Purchased my presets? Use the hashtag #katiewpresets so I can see all your beautiful photos and share them on my page!

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